Got a large job or require specialized equipment?

Professional Carpet Cleaning Equipment Rentals

We rent equipment at low competitive rates to contractors. Call ahead and we will have your machines ready for your arrival. All rentals are subject to availability during peak season or events. *Rent by the day or by the week.

Equipment Rentals

Equipment Contractor Rate Suggested Retail
Sahara Turbo Dryer $12.50 $25 to $30
Axial Air Mover $15.00 $30 to $35
Phoenix 200 Max Dehumidifier $55.00 $115 to $135
Phoenix 200 HT Dehumidifier $60.00 $115 to $150
Mini-Guardian HEPA $60.00 $99 to $135
Guardian HEPA $70.00 $109 to $145

Call the Shop at 248-658-4608 to inquire about restoration equipment rentals in Metro Detroit.