Phoenix HM-40 ThermoHygrometer

by Phoenix|Item # THER-EQ-4034285


Fast, Accurate, Dependable

The HM40 ThermoHygrometer is Vaisala’s newest technology meter with multiple displayed values and real-time acclimation screen for accurate readings.

This instrument is the advanced version of the Phoenix HMI-41, which has been widely used in the restoration industry and has established a reputation for accuracy and dependability.

Manufactured by the Vaisala Company in Helsinki, Finland, the Phoenix HM40 meter will provide years of trouble-free service. The HM40 displays temperature, RH%, dew point, wet bulb temperature, grains per pound, and BTUs per pound. The Phoenix HM40 meter incorporates Vaisala’s trusted HUMICAP® 180R Sensor, which is accurate, durable and resistant to dust and most chemical contaminants.

This compact, portable, easy-to-use humidity meter is the ideal spot-checking tool for fast, accurate and reliable measurements anywhere, anytime. Accurately analyzing the conditions in the affected space is crucial to successful drying. The precision of the HM40 is a must in any restorer’s toolbox.

This instrument does not come with remote probe.