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Sapphire Wands, Tools and Accessories

Modernistic Shop stocks premium Sapphire Scientific Wands, Tools and Cleaning Accessories in our retail store. Sapphire Scientific is known for their rugged, high performance, cleaning tools and accessories.

Industry Leader in Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Sapphire Scientific is the most trusted cleaning brand used by professional cleaners. Our inventory ranges from high quality Wands to Motorized Hose Reels.

Modernistic Shop Sapphire Wands, Tools and Accessories

  • Stryker Wands
  • Quad Jet Wands
  • Upholstery Pro
  • Water Ponds
  • Motorized Hose Reels
  • CDV Filter Boxes
  • Sub Mount Water Tanks
  • Studebaker AirPath
  • Van Storage Units
  • Automatic Waste Pumpouts

Sapphire Scientific Tools Online

We carry a wide range of Sapphire Scientific Wands, Tools and Accessories designed to make any job more simple and less of a headache. Modernistic Shop also carries a variety of Sapphire Scientific Truckmounts, designed to deliver the best heat and vacuum service on the market.

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