Fission Heavy Duty Traffic Lane Cleaner 1-gallon

by Chemspec|Item # SAPP-CH-76-260


Fission Heavy Duty Traffic Lane Cleaner With Soil Separation Technology – powers through grease, oil and particulate soils With a ready-to-use pH of 12.0 and superior effectiveness on heavily soiled carpets, Fission with SST stands out among traffic lane cleaners.

The product’s unique array of surfactants and solvents enable it to clean as effectively as aggressive cleaners without the risks associated with harsher alkalinity. SST stands for “soil separation technology,” referring to the product’s unique ability to detach even tightly-bound particulates from carpet piling and suspend it for removal. This effect also enables Fission to dissolve greasy, oily soils and to remove particulate soils such as pet hair from carpets.

From actual use, this product delivers results and it the best selling traffic lane in the store. I suggest mixing at the highest dilution, work you way up from there as it is highly concentrated. We recommend avoiding it’s use on wool and Stain master carpets due to the high pH.

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 12 in